Ole Group’s Announcement as of March 3, 2021

Dear Ole Group Inc. Customers and Associates,

March is here – this month marks 1 year since the lockdown in Los Angles and some other parts of California to prevent the spread of Covid19. We all have suffered tremendously from the personal loss of friends and family members and suffered economic devastation.

Daylight Saving Time also begins on March 14, 2021, Sunday at 2:00 A.M. It is the practice of moving the clocks forward one hour from Standard Time during the summer months, and changing them back again in the fall.

As the Lenten season commences, may we find time to reflect upon our blessings, our prayers, and our faith. May we welcome it with warm enthusiasm and zeal, may we be inspired to spread love and strengthen our devotion.

Please visit and join us in celebrating Lent in the next 40 days, as we continue to pray for everyone’s health and safety during these tough times.

May we reminded by Pope Francis’ timely quote as we take time to rest, reflect, and pray for the better days:

“During Lent, let us find concrete ways to overcome our indifference.”
- Pope Francis

Last summer, California was a model for how to handle the pandemic. It managed to keep cases lower than did East Coast states despite its large population but as of now, Los Angeles is the face of COVID in the US. Los Angeles County has now topped one million cases and has more than 15,160 deaths. Many states are seeing daily case tallies as high or higher than their peaks in the spring and summer of 2020.

On January 21, 2021 President Joe Biden signed an Executive Order that makes face masks mandatory for air travel and other modes of commercial transportation. He then urged citizens to "mask up" for the next 100 days as federal and state governments work together to make vaccines available.

On Tuesday, March 2, 2021 President Joe Biden announced that pharmaceutical giant Merck will help make Johnson & Johnson’s single-shot coronavirus vaccine to boost supply as Biden pushes toward having enough shots for every adult by the end of May.

All counties will return to the colored tier system that assigns local risk levels based on case numbers and rates of positive test results for COVID-19 infections.

Ole Group continues to monitor the rapidly evolving situation and with this, we prioritize nothing but your safety and well-being.

In one way or another, we are all impacted by these difficult circumstances, but rest assured that we are still here to serve your needs.

Remember that for now, we are stronger apart and we are encouraging everyone to stay at home if you can, while we do our best in serving you and keeping you informed.

We have set up all the measures to ensure the continuity of your business and availability of our services:

  • We have set up remote working wherever possible.
  • All contact center and support helplines are available as per normal operating hours. You can contact our customer support from Mondays to Fridays 9:00am to 6:00pm Pacific Time at +1 626 295 2620 for your concerns regarding any Ole Group products and services.
  • All colleagues in direct contact with customers, partners, vendors, and clients are reachable via their contact details.
  • Bangkok and London offices are still closed due to quarantine restrictions.
  • All our services work as usual

We ask you to be on the lookout for suspicious email and text messages that asks you to share sensitive information such as username and password, or ones that may impersonate a company, charity, or government agency. Ole Group Inc. will never ask you for your personal information or log-in credentials in an email or text message.

As you know, the situation is fluid and will vary community to community, but we will do everything we can to continue to protect our employees and to be available for you.

Stay safe. Stay healthy.

Chau Nguyen
Ole Group Inc.

To sign up for vaccine eligibility, go to Los Angeles County’s public health agency website at, enter your email in the box on the left and click “submit.”