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Bicycle Commuting

Commuting using a bicycle is a commonly underrated type of transportation. Some people prefer to commute using Subway or through cab but are less likely to see bicycle commuters around. Most people usually have their cars here in the US but how exactly does bicycle commuting can benefit you?

We are aware that we are currently facing global warming because of all the emissions that occur on our planet that makes our ozone layer thinner. Aside from that, since the pandemic happened, a lot of people were stuck inside their houses because of the quarantine period and most of the companies chose their employees to work from home, of course, to keep them safe from the virus while the company is still functioning.

As the situations mentioned above, there are many reasons to commute using a bicycle or even use it to your advantage.

When you use a bicycle, it is more eco-friendly as it does not emit any hazardous smoke that can pollute the air we breathe and it helps our environment to recuperate from all the damages that happened way back in our ancestor's time. Also, it allows you to work out too! While the car provides comfort, with the fastest possible traveling time, a bicycle is purely mechanical that may exhaust your energy, but the benefits of using it might be able to help you stay fit while also helping the environment!

It is believed that riding a bicycle is closely similar to doing cardio activities which can improve your breathing and exercise, not only your body, as well as your heart, which is the most important part of your body.

We have some tips that may come in handy when commuting using your bicycle:

1. Use a pannier rack or pannier bag.

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Commuting using a bicycle when you go to work or to any of your destinations with a heavy backpack can be bothersome. With a pannier rack or pannier bag, you can easily bring some things when you go around, that you need at your convenience.

2. Bring a change of clothes.

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Since we have mentioned that bicycle commuting can promote your good health as if it is like you are working out, using a bicycle to commute will always leave you sweating. It is advisable to bring a change of clothes so that you can look presentable after hours of cycling.

3. Get yourself rain gear or gear for hot weather.

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While using your bicycle allows you to go to your destination with minimal costs, it is advisable to invest in some gear to protect you since the weather is ever-changing. Having rain gear will help you dry and warm in a rainy season while having gear for the hot weather can prevent you from getting sunburnt.

4. Have a mudguard on your bicycle.

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Since we have discussed the ever-changing weather in our country, or the whole world, having a mudguard installed on your bicycle is a must. It keeps you clean and dry from the splashing of water. We cannot always go around the mud or puddle of water. That is why it is best to have this rather than having all the mud at your back.

5. Have a bicycle bell attached to your bike.

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While other vehicles have their horns, you must have your way to be noticed whilst on the road too! Have a bicycle bell attached to your bike so that if ever you need to warn someone on your front or when you are approaching a corner, you will be easily noticed and prevent any possible accident that may happen.

Bicycle commuting has a lot more to offer, and these things are just a few from the list. Happy biking, and stay safe on the road!