Ole Foundation, a Catalyst for Change for communities in need

Photo by Mario Purisic on Unsplash

Proverbs 19:17

“Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the LORD, and he will repay him for his deed.”

Since 2015, Ole Group Inc. has been dedicated to lend a helping hand to communities, children, and families in need all around the globe, through their CSR arm, Ole Foundation.

Lead by Ole Group Inc’s Chairman and CEO Mr. Chau Nguyen, The Ole Foundation, along with their partners, investors and associates, is committed to improving the lives of people that have been marginalized by the pains of poverty and natural disasters. Mr. Nguyen believes that as businesses prosper and grow, they have the bigger responsibility to be of help to others by providing food, shelter, clean water and educational opportunities to the underprivileged in developing countries.

Throughout the years, Ole Foundation has supported various projects and organizations around the world, and some of its projects were;

  • Sponsored wheelchairs for American Wheelchair Mission and Knights of Columbus, U.S.A

  • Provided Scholarships and Feeding Programs, Hoi Bac Ai Love The Poor, Vietnam

  • Supported His Nesting Place, U.S.A

  • Ole Foundation’s School Renovation Project, Congo

  • Sponsored Cataract surgery, Hoi Bac Ai Love The Poor, Vietnam

  • Built shelters for families, Hoi Bac Ai Love The Poor, Vietnam

Ole Foundation’s most recent projects are

  • Ole Foundation Clean Water Project, Hoi Bac Ai Love The Poor, Vietnam

In this world where there are endless opportunities for development, so is our chance to help.

To know more about Ole Foundation and Ole Group Inc, visit our Facebook page at Ole Group and our website at www.olegroupinc.com.