Best Google Chrome Extensions of 2022

Google Chrome is the top user-friendly web browser and it is the most popular! A lot of its users enjoy the perks of having Google Chrome as their web browser. One of its perks is being able to sync your Google Account and preferred Google Settings to any device you use as long as you verify that you are the one who is logging in on that different and new device. Another perk of having your Google Chrome as the default browser is the option to have as many Google Chrome extensions that you can use as you wish, with easy access on the Google Chrome Extension bar and a lot of available options there is!

We came up with the Best Google Chrome Extensions that you can install that will help you with your work easily or if you are just enjoying leisure time. Here are some of them:


LastPass is a Google Chrome Extension that secures, stores and tracks your usernames and passwords which you can use with ease and has an auto-fill feature for whichever website you visit that you need to log in to your accounts. It also has a feature wherein it scans your current password and will offer a much better password if the current password you are using can be easily breached. Whether you are using new or old accounts, LastPass assists in better usage of passwords and it also has a 2-Factor Authentication for added protection against unauthorized login or access.


OneTab provides you with a curated list of tabs in a single web browser window. It has a function wherein you can keep track of lots of tabs that you may need to use and it creates a list of websites that you used and is very helpful to writers or students that are doing research. It even allows you to share your tab list with others using a dedicated button if you wish to, so if ever you are working on a lot of things and you want to keep your team updated when you are working on a collaborative project, it is the best app you can install as your Google Chrome Extension.

Adblock Plus - Free Ad Blocker

As we have mentioned above, the use of Google Chrome Extensions can come in handy at times of leisure as well. If you wish to browse through websites and you would like the peace from these ads that keep popping up, you can install Adblock Plus as your Google Chrome Extension. It blocks annoying video ads and banners, pop-ups, stop tracking and gives you more privacy, gives you faster browsing because the resources of ads are blocked from loading and many more.

Awesome Screenshot and Screen Recorder

It is a tool built directly on your Google Chrome which you can install if you wish to. A very convenient tool for people who would like to capture the contents of web pages or record on the website itself without having a separate tool to do so. It is proven to be a useful Google Chrome Extension as well for students or researchers that can be easily accessed through a dedicated button on the Chrome Extension bar.

Most of the time, the application you use can have a Google Chrome Extension. There's like an AppStore for Apple users or PlayStore for Android users that you can simply search the application you are using and then add it to your Google Chrome Extension depending on your needs or liking.