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Guidelines before getting vaccinated.

Getting vaccinated is a big help to our Medical Frontliners and slows down the spread of the coronavirus. When you get the chance to get vaccinated, what things should you do to prepare before your vaccine schedule?

Here are some guidelines to help you get ready for your vaccine:


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1. Schedule a Teleconsult or Online Check-up with your Doctor.

Get yourself checked up first before your covid-19 vaccine to make sure that you are on top of your health. You need to get medical clearance first if you have existing health problems before you get vaccinated because it may cause different effects on your body and may cause fatal effects.

You need to declare if you have comorbidities like diabetes, hypertension, and the likes. In addition, food and drug allergies should be declared as there might occur side effects after being vaccinated. If the vaccination facility is aware that you have any kind of allergies, they can give you first-hand medical care.

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2. Learn some information about the vaccine you will receive.

Be familiar with the vaccine you are receiving. We can't always choose the vaccine that will be given to us but we can be aware of the vaccine's effectiveness, the effect on one's body, how many people had this vaccine and how well they are doing after.

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3. Get enough rest, eat healthily and stay hydrated.

We are all aware of how the usual vaccine works on a body especially on young kids. Some get fever, chills, etc and some others don't. When receiving a vaccine, our body goes through a process wherein our body needs to be immunized on a certain disease and there might be a time that our body will fight the vaccine since it's a foreign substance that is entering our body and that's a normal response.

With this being said, we need to make sure that our body is in good condition before receiving the vaccine.

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4. Arrange a few days of leave from work.

It is advised to take some rest after receiving your vaccine since your body will undergo a lot of stress. Planning a leave, if you are working or managing a business, will greatly help you turn over some of your work while you are taking a rest at home after getting vaccinated.

Of course, when we are vaccinated, there might be a side effect that our body will go through. Others felt some numbness and tenderness on the vaccinated arm which will give you a little discomfort. So, taking a rest is a must for every person that has gone through vaccination.

Moreover, if you felt like you would need to get tested for Covid-19 before getting vaccinated, please feel free to do so. Some Healthcare facilities do not allow a COVID positive patient to get vaccinated because they don't know what might happen after they have received the vaccine. Therefore, taking this step as a precaution is not bad at all.