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How Online Gaming helped in this time of the Pandemic!

In this time of the pandemic, a lot of us are prohibited to go outside, to keep safe from the virus especially the children. To think, in our younger years, we tend to play a lot outside of our houses, interact with other children, and get to play all day long! But when this pandemic happens, there are restraints that the government has to implement to keep the safety of everyone.

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Good thing that this catastrophe happened when the Technology Age was already here. We don't have to constantly worry about how we can get by every day at home without socializing with our colleagues, friends, workmates and even family.

For the children, it is now easier for them to access the internet, and they can freely play online games whenever they wish to, as long as they have a computer, consoles or even with just their phone. Not only do the children get the benefit of playing online, even as adults, those who have been gamers since we were little.

There are great benefits that online gaming gave us during the pandemic. Here are a few:

  • it lessens your stress
  • reduces the feeling of isolation because of total lockdowns on other states or countries
  • lighten up your mood when you are feeling lonely
  • increases the feeling of being competent
  • promotes engagement and empathy towards other players

Online gaming is a new way of interaction and a whole new world to explore. Many people found their haven through online gaming, while others use it for entertainment. But whatever we prefer to do to keep sane this season of the pandemic is just fine!

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A bit of advice for parents for their children's online safety.

Online gaming is indeed the new meta nowadays, even younger children below ten years old already know their way on the internet. But how can we make their online experience safe?

There are game choices online, and we must be there for our children to guide them on choosing the games they want. Games like Minecraft and Roblox are children-friendly. Some games show extreme and explicit content that parents should be aware of.

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Aside from the game content, we should also be conscious of who the players our children talk and interact with. It is the parents and guardians responsibility to always look after their children's welfare.