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How to be productive in your 14-day quarantine?

We know that 14-day quarantine sounds like days, in which you have to do things repeatedly because you cannot do activities outside your home. But do you know that you can still be productive even if you're stuck inside your house or quarantine facility?

Here are some tips from us on how to be productive in your 14-day quarantine:

Do a daily routine.

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Make it a habit to follow a daily routine. It helps you stay on track with your goals, whether it be work-related things or personal goals. Try to get up early too, like you are still working at the office and getting prepared or doing outside activities such as exercise or going to the grocery.

Also, try not to look at the clock as much as you can or do an activity that will keep your mind busy that you can be lost track of time. Since we are in the millennial years, a lot of activities can be done through your phone or computer.

Make an effort to clean your house.

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When you have a clean and tidy space around you, it helps you feel relaxed and calm. You can be more productive when everything is in place, and you don't have to worry about anything else and continue your daily activities.

List the things you want to accomplish.

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Having a checklist will also help you with staying on track. You can monitor the things that you have already done and move forward to the next one. This way, it helps you do more and maximize your time and effort while accomplishing things.

Eat healthy food!

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In this quarantine period, it will give you some time to think if you are consuming the right amount of fluids and foods for your body. It's also a time to be conscious of your health since we are in a pandemic. Staying healthy and fit will help you prevent any sickness. Eat more green leafy foods and watch out for your carbohydrates intake as well as cholesterol.

We need to make sure that our body has the protection and immunity to any sickness that may come to us, and they always say that health is wealth and prevention is better than cure.

Exercise and meditate.

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Since we have already mentioned eating healthy, we also need to make sure that our body is healthily fit. Do some exercise or meditate. Exercising helps your body to digest and absorb all the nutrients from what you eat and also, keeps you in your shape!

Meditating helps the mental state of your mind which is important in your quarantine days. Some people lose their minds because they are not used to being confined in someplace since we are used to outside activities. Meditation helps good energy enter your body and relieves stress too.

Get in touch with friends and family.

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It can't be helped that there are times that you may feel down when you are being quarantined. Staying connected with your friends and family can keep your sanity. Share with them some of your accomplished activities in a day. You may exchange greetings or stories you have done on the day of your quarantine.

We all have our ways to cope up in the quarantine period and if it works for you, keep up the good work! We hope that these tips help!