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Tips on how to be productive when working from home!

In this time of the pandemic, all of us are affected financially, physically, and mentally. There are lucky to have retained working while others must deal with struggling to get the food to their table daily.

Some of us are those lucky individuals that we're able to keep our work, but this time, working from home. The Government mandated all workers that are not customer-facing to work from home to keep them safe from the virus.

With that in mind, here are some suggestions that may help you stay productive while working from home to maintain your work-life balance.

Select a preferred working space.

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Working from home can be a challenging task. There are a lot of reasons to procrastinate like, working in a kitchen or your entertainment room. There are unnecessary things that you do not have to do, but you end up doing it anyway.

Having your very own working station and set it up like the set-up you have in your office or based on your preference will give you an ambience where you will feel like you are still working at your office. It will help you stay focused and will make you productive throughout your shift.

Set up a playlist to play a music background.

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Some people say that when you listen to music while working, it will help you keep focused, gain ideas, be productive and creative all in one! Setting up your favorite playlist will help you boost up your mood! And this will result in the best working environment while working at home.

Others usually say that when a pregnant person listens to classical music, it makes the baby grow more intelligent and wiser than other kids. Even in parties or gatherings when they do not have music, it does not feel like a lively event. I guess music always has its ways to make things better, right?

Take some time off by taking your breaks.

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Taking your breaks based on your break schedule will help you ease some tension and stress coming from work. We all know that there are times that it feels like a heavy feeling when you are doing straight work and cannot get things done right. Having a short break helps you clear your mind and relax your body from all that is happening.

It will also help you be creative too! Some people prefer to do yoga or play games on their breaks depending on your liking.

Work base on your scheduled working hours.

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It can be incredibly challenging, especially when you are working from home. Meeting schedules and daily calls with the team can sometimes take up much time in the day. Do not let it hinder you from doing things you commonly do every day.

Some people tend to go overtime when they have unfinished work left when they are still working at the office. But it is not healthy to always go over your schedule to finish up some unfinished work, be mindful that your health should be the priority because it will keep on piling up and never ends. We should take care of our bodies physically and mentally, because if we do not, who will?

Being at your best every day is the way to finish up work and get things done.

Maintain your Social life.

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Keeping up with your Social life is essential in this time of the pandemic. Having a short conversation with a family member or a friend, even a phone call or video chat will help you keep sane.

Working from home does not mean that you cannot stay connected with your peers, workmates, friends and family. There are a lot of applications nowadays that you can use for communication. Number one is Facebook! Everything is already on Facebook. Including trending videos, daily news, gatherings, events etc. There are also a variety of Social Media Platforms available on the market that you may use for communication.