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How to stay safe from the new strain of virus!

The Coronavirus has taken a toll not only on us but on the whole world! Since this pandemic started, a lot of people have died and others suffered, not only with the disease but with the economy as well.

Before we know it, covid-19 rapidly spreads and develops to a new strain of the virus which leads to faster spread. Some of the strain spreads through close contact, including touch or just by being in the same place with the infected person. The most recent development of this virus when it was confirmed and announced by the World Health Organization as being airborne.

With these being said, how can we stay safe nowadays? Here are a few things to do to protect yourself and loved ones against the new strain of the virus.

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1. Follow the health safety protocols and observe Social Distancing.

Just simply washing your hands and sanitizing them with alcohol can help slow the spread of the said virus and will give you a higher chance of being safe too. Following Health Safety protocols that the government implemented will help us fight and stop the spread of coronavirus and eventually, end its era.

Make sure that you are 3-6 feet away from each other and also, wear your facemask properly. These are some of the basic things to remember to stay safe.

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2. Limit going outdoors.

Since it was announced worldwide that coronavirus is now airborne, it would be best to stay at home to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. We may never know if the virus is up in the air and on its way to you.

So, the best thing to do is to make sure that your area or house is isolated from others to prevent unnecessary exposure.

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3. Think twice when changing the working or schooling setup.

A lot of people are now working and studying from home. Some jobs require you to work onsite which is a big risk to take especially we may never know if we might get exposed to someone who shops or just walks by that might be sick or a carrier.

You should rethink your priorities, after all, health is the wealth nowadays.

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4. Take the chance to get vaccinated.

When you have the chance to get vaccinated, please don't think twice and attend to your given schedule. Getting your Covid-19 vaccines will greatly help your safety and everyone around you. When you are vaccinated, there's a lesser chance that you might get sick, that from there, everything follows.

When you are a family guy or you value those who are close to you physically and to your heart, everyone's safety should be your top priority. So to make sure that they are safe, especially the kids, make sure to get vaccinated.