Top 5 Shopping Tips to Get the Best Black Friday Deals

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Black Friday is arguably one of the most competitive selling days of the year. Shoppers would usually camp out of stores, eager to get ahead of the rest to bag the hottest deals and get some great savings. Well, it will surely be quite different this year. With COVID 19 still present, stores are offering deals online, that’s why we’ve come up with these tips to help you navigate and get the best of Black Friday, the New Normal way.

When is Black Friday?

Black Friday falls on November 27 this year.

When do Black Friday sales start?

Some shops offers them earlier, so some of the biggest deals are available right now.
Most of the official sales starts at Thanksgiving, though some specific deals falls on Friday, usually at midnight.

So where are the tips? Here you go.

Top 5 Shopping Tips to Get the Best Black Friday Deals

  1. Always compare the prices.

    Planning is the key. You don’t want to be fooled by the words “discounts”, “great savings” and “this is your last chance.” It pays to compare the prices before the said sale date, for example, check the prices a week before and see if it’s really discounted on Black Friday and also check what the competing brands offer as well. It pays to know the price difference because that’s where real savings truly lies.

  2. Look for Early Bird Shopper discounts

    Do you believe that the Early Bird Shopper gets the best worms on Black Friday? Well it is because some stores offers their Black Friday deals even a week before, while others start offering them on the day of Thanksgiving itself. If you are keen to shop and save on Black Friday, a little research way beforehand will be a great help.

  3. Beware of websites that want too much info

    E-commerce thrives in these changing times, and comes with it are the hackers and cyber criminals whose eager to get something that’s rightfully yours. Beware of websites that asks too much information from you, and make sure all the links you open are from secured connection. A padlock icon, or lock icon, displayed in a web browser indicates a secure mode where communications between browser and web server are encrypted.

    Retailers send emails and shopping discounts, and that’s something that cyber criminals will also do to exploit and scam you. Beware of phishing emails with an offer of bargains in order to steal money, usernames, passwords and bank details.

    Be vigilant and report suspected cyber-attacks and scams.

  4. Create a Black Friday budget and stick to it.

    All these sales and discounts can be overwhelming, but can you really get huge savings when you spend a whole lot? Make sure to create a budget for your shopping spree on Black Friday and create a shopping list that matches that budget so you will not get overwhelmed and avoid overspending.

  5. Screenshot the ads and email offers and keep them handy on Black Friday

    To be certain that you are ready with the correct Black Friday prices, screenshot the ads and email offers that interests you and keep them handy when you shop on the day itself. This will save you time and money.

Extra tip:

Avoid the crowds by shopping online!

The best way to shop this Black Friday is by sitting at the comforts of your home, with all the secured websites and shopping apps ready, while keeping your shopping list, budget list and screenshots handy.

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Enjoy Black Friday and shop safely!